NBA Rumors: 76ers linked to All-Star guard as potential trade destination

The Philadelphia 76ers are believed to be a potential landing spot for this All-Star guard in a possible trade.

76ers, Tyrese Maxey
76ers, Tyrese Maxey / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

All season long, the Philadelphia 76ers have made it abundantly clear that they intend to leverage their king-sized cap space this offseason to pursue the main guns this offseason, either via free agency or trades. Heck, Daryl Morey even tried to push his luck before the trade deadline — an ambitious, yet in-character maneuver for the longtime executive.

The spread-eagled edict in the organization is to win a championship as soon as possible in the middle of Joel Embiid’s prime. And with Tyrese Maxey rising as a legitimate second-fiddle to a team with the stylings of a contender, a third star could just be the slight push they need to go over the hump and snap a 41-year title crought.

The Philadelphia 76ers are considered a potential landing spot for this All-Star

In fact, the team is already being linked to two-time All-Star Zach LaVine, whose exit from the Chicago Bulls has become all too apparent at this juncture. He is slated to miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery, but he is widely expected to be a full-go way before next season’s training camp.

Chicago could be well on its way to a teardown this offseason, but even if they stay recalcitrant and stubborn enough to try to win with their middling parts, their front office’s ardent efforts to trade LaVine before the deadline is a claret-lighted signal that he has become a pretty expendable piece, especially with Coby White breaking out this season.

Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey believes that Philadelphia boasts merit as a potential landing spot in a hypothetical trade, owing the notion to the 76ers needing more firepower to aid the oft-injured Embiid and ease his load.

"LaVine probably wouldn't help a ton on defense, but if you start with an offense-first core with those three and build out with grit and defense from there, the Sixers could be in the title hunt for the next few years of Embiid's prime.

The reigning MVP turns 30 this month and has a lengthy injury history. Finding another star to carry some of his burden could preserve the rest of his prime."

LaVine’s play this season regressed, but he’s just a season removed from consistently posing lofty scoring numbers on efficient shooting splits. He remains a big asset offensively, and his defensive shortcomings can be abated as mentioned by surrounding the team with net-positive defenders.

Having said that, this could ultimately boil down to how much the asking price would be from the Bulls. There’s little incentive for the 76ers to bypass other options and go straight for LaVine, and the All-Star’s stock has dipped compared to recent years.

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