NBA Rumors: 76ers trade target poised to be available in the buyout market

One player linked to the Philadelphia 76ers in the past as a trade target is rumored to be potentially available in the buyout market.
76ers head coach Nick Nurse
76ers head coach Nick Nurse / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

With the trade deadline just approximately three weeks away, the Philadelphia 76ers front office have their work cut out for them, just like with any other team. Some rival clubs like the Knicks and Pacers have already struck deals of their own whereas the team has remained in wait-and-see mode on how the market could eventually unfold in the upcoming days.

That being said, Philadelphia is already reckoned not to be a big buyer at this juncture due to the franchise prioritizing flexibility for this year’s free agency. Luckily for them and their cause, they may not have to shell out a lot anyway as one of the players linked to them in the past as a trade target could eventually be had anyway through the buyout market.

Rumored 76ers trade target could become available in the buyout market

Gordon Hayward, who’s on the last year of a mammoth four-year contract he signed with the Hornets back in 2020, has made a lot of noise as a popular trade candidate for teams in the playoff picture this season. However, it seems like another avenue to acquire him may open up sooner than later.

Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer recently pointed out that Hayward could be a viable prospect to be bought out by the Hornets in light of his expiring contract, and that teams have started venturing into the idea of landing him as a buyout acquisition.

If Charlotte’s brass indeed comes to terms with the veteran about a buyout, Hayward should immediately have a bunch of suitors lining up for his services. The 76ers are likely to be among those, as they were already rumored to have explored the idea of striking a deal for him before the season began and earlier in the campaign.

Hypothetically speaking, Hayward would be a tremendous midseason addition to Philly. While infamous for his lengthy injury absences, the former All-Star remains a do-it-all, plug-and-play piece who can play multiple positions, score on the tertiary from anywhere, and function as a release valve offensively.

The 76ers bench needs some bolstering, and should the team snag Gordon Hayward from the buyout market — assuming he’s indeed bought out by the Hornets — the team will have another battle-tested weapon they can trot out as they seek to go further in the playoffs than in seasons past.

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