Nick Nurse’s Big Rotation Mistakes

The Sixers have looked dreadful recently. Although this mostly falls on the personnel, it is the coach’s job to get the most out of his roster, and as of late, Nick Nurse is failing to do so.
New Orleans Pelicans v Philadelphia 76ers
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2. Where is Ricky Council IV?

When Tobias Harris first began to really struggle, Nurse called upon Ricky Council IV to step up and he delivered. There was a stretch where it really looked like the Sixers may have unearthed an undrafted free-agent gem. Council was throwing down electrifying dunks, finishing around the rim with unconventional bank shots, drawing fouls while converting at the line, and providing much-needed athleticism to this team. Since then, Council has seemingly disappeared from the rotation.

This does not even necessarily relate to Tobias Harris struggling, Council should get some combination of minutes from the other players in the rotation as he really showed a spark in the mold of Kelly Oubre. Council can be an important piece to this team both this year and going forward. Nurse has his reasons, and Council is not perfect, but for a team that is starved of any sort of talent with all the injuries, Council should be playing more.

Though different positions, it appears that Nurse prefers Jeff Dowtin already as a two-way player. Dowtin has played fairly well, but he still does not provide that spark and unique blend of skills that Council has.