Philadelphia 76ers: 4 bad contracts worth trading for this offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers have a ton to look forward to in the offseason, but in case they miss out on their targets, here are four “bad” contracts worth trading for.
76ers, Zach LaVine, Joel Embiid
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Philadelphia 76ers: 4 bad contracts worth trading for this offseason

2. CJ McCollum

One of the best players in recent memory to never make an All-Star team, CJ McCollum remains a rock-solid combo guard who can playmake and score on and off the ball on all three levels. He’s signed for two more years at an average of $32 million annually, and while that may be a lofty price still, it’s not a gross overpay at all,

It’s become quite apparent this season that Tyrese Maxey would clearly benefit from having another running mate who can reliably relieve him from point guard duties once in a while. Despite his growth as a facilitator, he’s still someone you’d want with a pure scoring headspace to maximize his explosiveness, and on paper, McCollum seems like an ideal part-time point guard who can help take off some pressure from him.

New Orleans could be looking at a serious re-tooling this offseason depending on its playoff fate (hint: it’s currently looking grim) not only at the margins, but at its very nucleus. McCollum, who’s become a luxury for the Pelicans at this point, could be one of the players they’ll look to phase out for younger commodities, and if so, the 76ers should come calling, but only for a fathomable price tag.