Philadelphia 76ers: 4 bad contracts worth trading for this offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers have a ton to look forward to in the offseason, but in case they miss out on their targets, here are four “bad” contracts worth trading for.
76ers, Zach LaVine, Joel Embiid
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Philadelphia 76ers: 4 bad contracts worth trading for this offseason

4. Jerami Grant

Philadelphia has been unequivocal in its intention to pursue Paul George this offseason, though the league-wide belief is the All-Star forward would still prefer to stay in his home city and re-sign with the LA Clippers for perhaps his final big payday.

If that happens, the 76ers could look at a depleted crop of starting-caliber forwards this summer with most of their own free agents being flight risks. However, one scenario they could consider is to trade for Jerami Grant, who’s currently in a dangling space in Portland, a franchise clearly trying to start from scratch.

Grant’s contract can look ghastly, but production-wise, he’s far from a lost cause. Still one of the better starting forwards in the NBA, the 30-year-old actually thrived this season, averaging 21 points per game on 45.2 percent shooting, which includes a very efficient 40.1 percent conversion rate on three-pointers. Couple that with his defense, and you could be looking at a potential gem for the 76ers.

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