7 Former players that have excelled since leaving the 76ers

The 76ers regretted letting these talents shine elsewhere.
Philadelphia 76ers, Jimmy Butler
Philadelphia 76ers, Jimmy Butler / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Al Horford

The 76ers were ecstatic to land Horford on a four-year $109 million contract in 2019. The five-time All-Star had helped his team to the conference finals three times in the last five years. He made plays, defended multiple positions, spaced the floor, and protected the rim. Philly was one shot away from making the conference finals in 2019 and hoped Horford could help them reach the next level.

The 6’9 big man lasted just one season with the Sixers. Philadelphia won eight fewer games, and the fit next to Joel Embiid was not ideal. The Celtics swept the 76ers in the first round of the playoffs, and the franchise gave up a first-round draft pick to dump the three years left on Horford’s contract.

One year later, Boston traded a first-round pick to get Horford back. All the Celtics have done since is make the NBA Finals in 2022, the conference finals in 2023, and win a championship in 2024. Horford has been a key piece every year and has continued to shine into his late 30s.

His time in Philadelphia did not go as planned, but it has not stopped Al Horford from playing well. Who knows how many years he can remain elite, but the 6’9 big man has been a difference-maker for three franchises in his 17-year career. Sadly, it just did not work with the Sixers.