5 76ers hot takes that could become reality this summer

These 76ers hot takes could become true this offseason.

Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid
Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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2. LeBron James signs with the 76ers to play with his son

King James has not been shy about his desire to play with his sons in the NBA. The clock is ticking. LeBron is still elite but turns 40 in December. Father Time is undefeated. James may have a few years left, but Brony will likely be on his rookie contract if the two ever play together.

Daryl Morey could draft the teenage James in hopes of convincing his father to join the Sixers. The Lakers reached the conference finals in 2023 but were swept by the Nuggets. Denver has the best player in the world, and Los Angeles is headed toward the Play-In Tournament. If LeBron wants a fifth championship, his best bet may be moving to a new franchise.

The 76ers have the reigning MVP and a first-time All-Star. Joel Embiid is in his prime and Tyrese Maxey is still improving. They could take some of the heavy lifting off LeBron’s shoulders and prolong his greatness. Fans know James can still find that extra gear in the playoffs, which could be what the Sixers need to get over the hump and make the conference finals for the first time since 2001.

The only way LeBron James is leaving Los Angeles is to play with his son. The Philadelphia 76ers could use their first-round pick on Bronny and convince King James to join him to chase a championship. It is a hot take, but one that could become a surprising reality this summer if things fall into place.