5 76ers hot takes that could become reality this summer

These 76ers hot takes could become true this offseason.
Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid
Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Joel Embiid requests a trade

The 76ers could be closer to doomsday than fans realize. If they continue to struggle down the stretch without Embiid, the franchise likely drops to eighth in the Eastern Conference. It would put them on the road in the Play-In Tournament with a potential matchup against the Heat. If Philly loses, they would have a win-or-go-home contest against the victor in the nine versus ten match-up. Even if they win, the Sixers face the Celtics in the opening round as Embiid is trying to ramp up.

There are no guarantees this summer. Tyrese Maxey is a restricted free agent, but finding a marquee talent to join the 76ers won’t be easy. What if Daryl Morey strikes out and is forced to overpay Tobias Harris and Buddy Hield to stay in free agency? Embiid may start looking around and wondering if there is a better place to chase a championship.

The seven-footer has dealt with multiple injuries and turns 30 on March 16. It could be a natural time for reflection, and the Sixers must improve their roster this offseason if they want Embiid to stay.

Consider this crazy or a hot take, but it could happen this summer. Daryl Morey will play hardball with Joel Embiid because he has two seasons plus a player option left on his contract, but the Philadelphia 76ers may be forced to trade him. It would signal a rebuild around Tyrese Maxey and the end of The Process. There will be fireworks in Philly this summer, so stay tuned.