Philadelphia 76ers Midseason Report Cards

The Philadelphia 76ers are 29-13 and third in the Eastern Conference standings. They have exceeded all expectations after the James Harden debacle, but in this exercise, everyone will be graded on their individual efforts as midseason report cards are given.
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Mo Bamba
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Fringe Rotation Players

Mo Bamba: C+

All these players are tough to grade given the inconsistent playing time, but Mo Bamba is particularly hard to assess. Hopes were relatively high for Bamba when he initially signed, but then he had one of the worst preseason performances of all time, which led to him being glued to the bench. Since then, Bamba has had some bright spots. There have been multiple games where Bamba has looked like the superior backup center, but there have also been times where Bamba looks inept. Despite the massive wingspan, Bamba is often slow to actually put his hands up. He is not a good rebounder at all, but he is an elite shooter. Nurse should continue to experiment with Bamba in the rotation as he returns from injury, but it is on Bamba to be more consistent as a rim protector and rebounder.

Danuel House Jr.: C

Due to injuries, Danuel House Jr. has been cracking the rotation again. To his credit, he has not completely flopped in his minutes. House is not shy about making his presence on the court known, he will get his shots up and attempt ambitious acrobatic plays on both ends of the court. He often channels Jonathan Simmons and Alec Burks in the way that he goes about the game. Being booed by the home crowd as he took shots away from Embiid (who was chasing 70 points) is the epitome of the Danuel House experience. He is there to do his own thing and has flashes of being a useful role-player, he just usually follows it up with moments that makes one question why he is in the league.

Jaden Springer: D

Giving Jaden Springer a D grade is very fitting considering defense is the only thing he does relatively well. Springer is an absolute zero on the offensive end. Matisse Thybulle was a better offensive player because at the very least he would shoot corner threes. Springer is reluctant to shoot, slow, cannot really dribble, undersized, and not a good passer. This is not the skill set of an NBA player. The Sixers need to unload him now because he at least has hypothetical value with his age, draft profile, defensive chops, and contract, but he is a lost cause. The very few flashes he has look impressive but there just have not been enough of them during his first three years.