5 Moves the Philadelphia 76ers must make after signing Paul George

The 76ers still have work to do on their roster.
Philadelphia 76ers, Paul George
Philadelphia 76ers, Paul George / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Re-sign Kyle Lowry

The Philadelphia native joined the 76ers in February after being bought out by the Hornets. Lowry never appeared in a game for Charlotte and was eager to get back into contention. Philadelphia had a need, which made signing with the Sixers even easier.

The franchise wants Lowry back, but how much are they willing to offer? The six-time All-Star is still productive, but no longer near his peak. The 38-year-old is best suited to play fewer than 30 minutes per game. He is still impactful on both ends of the floor but does not have the energy to handle a massive workload.

The Sixers need a point guard, and Lowry is the best available option. He can run the second unit and play with their starting group. Head coach Nick Nurse coached Lowry in Toronto, and it should be an easy decision to return to the City of Brotherly Love.

The veteran point guard is in no rush to make a decision. The 76ers do not have his Bird rights, so it will likely be a minimum contract. Lowry may try to convince some franchise to give him more, but finding that team won't be easy. He has plenty left in the tank but needs the right situation to optimize his production.