5 Philadelphia 76ers who need monster second halves to save their jobs

These five players need to perform much better in the second half of the season if they want to extend their Philadelphia 76ers tenures.
76ers, Paul Reed
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5 76ers who need monster second halves to save their jobs

5. Mo Bamba

Expectations were more modest for Mo Bamba than Reed heading into the season, but facing a much bigger role as another fill-in for Embiid, a lot of eyes will be set on him if he can at least hold down the fort to some capacity given that he’s also set to be a free agent this summer.

The 76ers signed Bamba as a reclamation project, but so far, he’s been inconsistent. His numbers relative to his minutes have been good on the surface, but he’s still prone to making mistakes on both ends of the floor, though that has been tempered by his low usage.

With Philadelphia sticking with him and Reed on the interim, he has to become much more consistent as his minutes go up, especially when Reed is outsized by opposing big men. Otherwise, the 76ers will not hesitate about letting him go in the offseason.

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