Plotting the dream offseason for the Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers are widely expected to have an eventful offseason this year. What would a dream summer look like for the franchise?

76ers, Joel Embiid
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Plotting the dream offseason for the Philadelphia 76ers

Step 1: Sign Tyrese Maxey to a lucrative extension

Easily a no-brainer, the 76ers’ utmost priority this offseason is to secure Tyrese Maxey for the foreseeable future. The first-time All-Star has far exceeded expectations this season, growing into a true point guard who has shown a more mature offensive profile as a shot creator and a playmaker.

Philadelphia strategically opted to forego extending Maxey last offseason in hopes of maximizing its flexibility to make trades or go after free agents. Slated to enter restricted free agency this summer, the front office can and will match any offer for the 23-year-old. Knowing this, teams won’t probably hand him toxic offer sheets, though the 76ers won’t flinch even at a max-level salary demand.

Extending Maxey would cut into the bulk of the 76ers’ projected practical cap space amounting to $76.8 million (assuming cap holds are renounced), but the front office has accumulated more than sufficient financial legroom to make more moves down the line. This one is a non-negotiable.