6 Post trade deadline buyout targets for the 76ers to monitor

The 76ers should target these players via the buyout market.
Philadelphia 76ers, Kyle Lowry
Philadelphia 76ers, Kyle Lowry / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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The Philadelphia 76ers were active and aggressive before the trade deadline. Joel Embiid’s injury did not stop the franchise from making moves. They traded for Buddy Hield, Cameron Payne, and two second-round draft picks while clearing space by moving five players and four second-rounders. The Sixers have open roster spots and figure to be active again in signing replacements.

With the trade deadline passed, the only way for teams to add talent is via free agency. The buyout market allows players to give back money to become free agents and sign with a contender. The Sixers have three open roster spots and figure to add at least one player before the playoffs.

Daryl Morey is always searching for upgrades. Who can he add for the stretch run? These names jump out as potential rotation pieces in the City of Brotherly Love who might get bought out.

6. Evan Fournier

Fournier has been out of the Knicks rotation for two years, but he was traded to the Pistons at the deadline. He will likely be bought out as Detroit has no use for him in their rebuild. Fournier is making $18.6 million this season, which means teams over the first tax apron cannot sign him after he becoms a free agent.

Fournier was a key rotation piece for nine years. What does the 31-year-old have left in the tank? He is a career 37.8 percent 3-point shooter and may be able to play a role in the right situation. Fournier was in head coach Tom Thibodeau’s doghouse, but he has been a productive player for the French National Team over the last two years.

The Sixers are 27th in threes made per game and 19th in 3-point percentage. Buddy Hield will help their shooting, but Philly needs more.

Evan Fournier is a solid option, but the 76ers may opt for a recently traded guard who was an elite shooter during his brief stay in Philadelphia.