6 Post trade deadline buyout targets for the 76ers to monitor

The 76ers should target these players via the buyout market.
Philadelphia 76ers, Kyle Lowry
Philadelphia 76ers, Kyle Lowry / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Kyle Lowry

The veteran guard is from Philly and has already been linked to the 76ers. He was traded to Charlotte in the Terry Rozier deal but has not suited up for the Hornets. Lowry is waiting to find his next home and returning to where he grew up feels like a strong possibility.

The 76ers need a point guard. The six-time All-Star is no longer at his peak, but he can still make a positive impact. Lowry played 26.0 minutes per game in the playoffs last season as the Heat reached the NBA Finals. He makes plays, spaces the floor, and plays hard on defense. The 37-year-old has drawbacks and cannot play massive minutes, but he could help Philadelphia win in the playoffs.

Lowry is making $29.6 million before his buyout, so teams over the first tax apron cannot sign him. That gives the 76ers an even bigger edge if the veteran becomes available.

Will the Philadelphia 76ers improve their roster via the buyout market? Expect President Daryl Morey to be active and aggressive. They believe Joel Embiid will return for the playoffs, and the Sixers can contend for a title this season if the franchise puts enough talent around him. Stay tuned to see if they can make it happen.