Rumored trade target for the Philadelphia 76ers now ‘off-limits’ in talks

An NBA Insider revealed that a potential trade target for the Philadelphia 76ers is now ‘off-limits’ in trade talks.
Joel Embiid
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The NBA trade season will officially kick off in just a few days, causing the rumor mill to become hotter than usual. For the Philadelphia 76ers, that means being continuously linked to various names as they are broadly expected to be one of the most defining teams this season in the trade market.

Unfortunately for them, one of their rumored targets could simply remain a holy grail, as an NBA insider just revealed that his team has now made him “off-limits” in trade talks at this juncture despite most players now becoming eligible to be moved starting on Friday.

NBA insider claims that this potential trade target for the Philadelphia 76ers is now “off-limits”

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic (subscription required), the Chicago Bulls are making it known to potential buyers that they are not warm to the idea of trading Alex Caruso at this point in time.

"A bevy of teams has been expressing interest in trading for Bulls utility star Alex Caruso, league sources say, but the franchise has shut down those calls."

Shams Charania, The Athletic

Caruso, one of the league’s premiere perimeter defenders, has been making noise as a popular trade candidate since last season. While the jury is probably still on the negative regarding the Bulls’ competitive bid in the East despite their much improved play recently, that Chicago is shutting down trade talks for the veteran is undiligent.

The one-time All-Defensive team guard is signed through 2025 with a partial guarantee on his deal next season, making him one of, if not the best bargain in the association. With a fire sale anticipated, the Bulls could not pick a better time to cash in on his value, as he’s logging a career-year offensively in addition to his elite defensive metrics.

Naturally, the 76ers will be on the queue for Caruso should the Bulls eventually make him available for poaching. Philly has been average at best as a point-preventing unit this season, and Caruso would certainly be a massive boost on that end while adding useful secondary playmaking and firepower to a bench unit that ranks last in the league across the board.

The Philadelphia 76ers have the assets necessary to trade for Alex Caruso. They also have the ancillary pieces that could be necessary if an overpay is what will send him to Philly. Hopefully, the Bulls realize their situation and the pressing need for a reboot without gouging their asking price for the savvy defensive-minded veteran.

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