Sixers Podcast: Embiid approaching dangerous territory + Sixers injury bug

Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers
Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Welcome back to The Sixer Sense Podcast! In this episode, Jonathan Geib and Lucas Johnson kick off the conversation with a discussion about the overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Joel Embiid and Robert Covington remained sidelined, and had they played the result would likely have been different.

Tyrese Maxey and Tobias Harris carried the scoring production for the Sixers and had the team positioned at the end of regulation. Once overtime came, the team struggled to score and the Hawks won the game. Can the Sixers win consistently without Embiid in the lineup?

Next up, the guys break down the Sixers' primetime win over the Sacramento Kings. The Sixers came out firing this game and built a 19-point lead by halftime over a top contender in the Western Conference. Harris scored a game-high 37 points and shot incredibly efficiently. Can he keep this level of offense up once Embiid is back? And should he be getting more shots per game?

With the NBA deadline fast approaching, Jonathan and Lucas discuss the players the Sixers could consider trading. Which players are untouchable and which players are the most likely to be traded? Leave a comment on the podcast to let us know your thoughts.

Lastly, the Joel Embiid injury is addressed in further detail. As Kyle wrote earlier this week, Embiid is approaching a very dangerous territory. This is the first season that the NBA has enacted a minimum game-played criteria for All-NBA teams and NBA awards. That most importantly includes the MVP award. Players must play 65 total games to be eligible, meaning they can miss no longer than 17 games played. Embiid is now at 10 games missed. Will he try and push to play the 65 games required to defend the MVP award?

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