Sixers Podcast: Joel Embiid gets injured + Losing streak continues

Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors
Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Sixer Sense Podcast returns following the city's worst nightmare: Joel Embiid getting injured. The extent of his injury is unknown at this point and there is hope that it is not a long-term concern, however, the Sixers big man has been banged up most of the year. He will almost certainly miss out on defending his MVP award due to the game's requirement, but that is not the only loss the Sixers have had as of late.

This week the Sixers have extended their losing streak to four games. This week's first was a 130-104 loss to the lowly Portland Trailblazers. Embiid was not active, and neither was De'Anthony Melton or Tyrese Maxey, yet this was still an abysmal showing by the Sixers' reserves. Especially following the Denver Nuggets effort, more was expected of these players.

Heading into the Warriors game, Embiid decided he would give it a go without being at 100%. This would prove to be the wrong decision because not only did Embiid play one of the worst games of the year and the Sixers lost, but he was also injured during a loose ball skirmish. Jonathan Kuminga of the Warriors fell on his knee and Embiid looked to be in some serious pain. We are all waiting on the results of an MRI that Embiid is having, but regardless he will likely be sidelined for some time.

Jonathan Geib and Lucas Johnson then dive into the upcoming trade deadline. It does not appear the Sixers will make any big moves, but Daryl Morey almost always does something around this time of year. The guys debate the best move, the worst move, and the most underrated move the Sixers have made at the trade deadline in the past decade. Do you agree with their picks? Listen to the podcast below and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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