Start, Bench, Cut: 76ers free agent targets at every position

In this edition of start, bench, and cut, we look at and rank some free agent targets for the Philadelphia 76ers at every position.
76ers, Paul George, Tobias Harris
76ers, Paul George, Tobias Harris / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The Philadelphia 76ers have every bit of reason to look forward to the offseason. While their championship hopes may have been impaired this season, the franchise is geared to lord over the free agency market and potentially dictate what the NBA’s landscape looks life before next season begins.

Most players on the roster will enter the free agency market, giving the front office a lot of surveying to do to fill different hats. In this edition of start, bench, and cut, we look at some targets for the 76ers at every position.

Start, Bench, Cut: 76ers free agent targets at Small Forward

Start: Paul George

Easily the 76ers’ biggest pipe dream target in free agency, the front office has already been linked to the nine-time All-Star in case he leaves LA, perhaps if they stumble into another early playoff collapse. Still one of the league’s premiere wings, George remains a malleable two-way force who can create his own shot, fill in the gunner role, function as a secondary table-setter and play and defend multiple positions.

Bench: DeMar DeRozan

There hasn’t been much said about the prospect of DeRozan joining Philly in particular, but unless Chicago eludes reason once again, the six-time All-Star has little reason to stick with a middling franchise that could start from scratch. While his fit may not be as sexy, DeRozan would be a welcome addition to a 76ers team that is pretty wanting on offensive variance.

Cut: Gordon Hayward

All hopes of Gordon Hayward re-upping his value waned as his play with the Oklahoma City Thunder has been nothing short of disappointing. Nevertheless, the former All-Star touts a useful all-around game that could be unlocked better elsewhere, but his age and and injury history should be enough to make the 76ers seek safer options.