Start, Bench, Cut: 76ers free agent targets at every position

In this edition of start, bench, and cut, we look at and rank some free agent targets for the Philadelphia 76ers at every position.

76ers, Paul George, Tobias Harris
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Start, Bench, Cut: 76ers free agent targets at Point Guard

Start: Jrue Holiday

While a pipe dream at this juncture, there probably is a small crack that can be pried open if the Boston Celtics disappoint this postseason. Holiday will be looking at perhaps his last big payday, and should the 76ers fail to nab Paul George, the one-time champion would be a hell of an addition, as he’s the perfect running mate to Tyrese Maxey in the backcourt and a pretty desirable third fiddle to any team with title aspirations.

Bench: Tyus Jones

We’re sounding like a broken record at this point, but Philly will most likely pursue Tyus Jones should they shift their MO to pursuing high-end complementary players instead. Still the most efficient facilitator in the league, Jones will be a huge help for the team on the playmaking department to free Maxey from some of his table-setting reps.

Cut: Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie will be a relatively expensive get despite the fact that he’s been rather inefficient as an offensive lead in the last couple of years. His skill set has a lot of overlaps with Maxey, and he has too much pull to be plunged into a much smaller role. Ultimately, his projected on-court value for the 76ers is far from commensurate to his expected price tag.

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