3 Things Buddy Hield brings the 76ers from day one

We know Hield is a shooter. But he's not just any shooter.
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2. Hield is a scorer adaptable to different paces.

One of the factors that made Philadelphia the best team in Net Rating during the first few months of the regular season was the increased pace that Nick Nurse gave the team over Doc Rivers. Last season, the Sixers were 27th in pace during the regular season, while this season, until Christmas, the Sixers were 12th in the NBA.

Buddy Hield comes from the second highest-paced team in the league, with an offensive system led by Tyrese Haliburton that has allowed them to find open shots during the first few seconds of possessions. This aspect will undoubtedly benefit a team that during the last few games has struggled to find opportunities in the half-court. 

His adjustment to the Sixers, however, should not take long either. The shooting guard has been a part of 3 teams during his career that have had very different philosophies, and slowing the game down, as was the case during his time with the Sacramento Kings, did not affect his production. Also, Joel Embiid is without a doubt the best player the guard has played with, and hopefully, he will be able to take advantage of his gravity.