3 Things Buddy Hield brings the 76ers from day one

We know Hield is a shooter. But he's not just any shooter.
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3. Availability is the best ability

Crazy fact: Buddy Hield has missed 6 regular season games in his entire career. In 7 years in the NBA, and in an era where teams are extremely cautious about player fitness, Hield has proven to be an ironman.

The Sixers have been plagued by injuries of all kinds in recent weeks. In addition to Joel Embiid's meniscus injury, vital players such as Tyrese Maxey, Nico Batum, Robert Covington, Tobias Harris, and De'Anthony Melton have missed a good amount of games. As a result, Nick Nurse has been forced to give a lot of minutes to players who barely got a sniff of the court when everyone else was available. KJ Martin or Jaden Springer are not players who, realistically as of today, are ready to take on such a big responsibility. 

The arrival of Buddy Hield comes to fill an important part of the rotation that right now is deserted. But more than a patch, as we have said, it is an improvement of what was already on the roster. The Sixers are a team that has been in need of new guards since the beginning of the season. Plus, Hield is far from a terrible passer. He simply has a scoring-first mentality, which will fit the current roster like a glove.