Three ways the Sixers can help Tobias Harris regain his form

Tobias Harris is struggling, and the 76ers need him to be better in order to win a championship. Here are three things the team can do to help Harris jumpstart his game.
Philadelphia 76ers v Dallas Mavericks
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Philadelphia 76ers forward Tobias Harris has been stuck in a slump lately, and it is hurting not just him but the whole team. With Embiid out of the lineup due to injury, Harris needs to step up and effectively fill the role of second or third scoring option.  Harris has historically alternated between hot and cold streaks, and he is the type of player who needs to be in a rhythm to be most effective.

Here are three strategies 76ers head coach Nick Nurse can employ to help Harris regain his confidence and be the player that the Sixers need him to be.

Get Tobias Harris going in the midrange game

Tobias Harris, Luka Doncic
Philadelphia 76ers v Dallas Mavericks / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

Although mid-range shots are not the most efficient, they are the bread and butter of Harris’s game. If hitting these shots can get Harris going, it may be worth it for Nick Nurse to allow, or even encourage, the veteran to seek them out. Because Harris is comfortable taking midrange shots, this could help him get into a rhythm and boost his confidence.

Harris is effective in the midrange, too. He does a good job of hunting mismatches and will often find that he has a size or speed advantage. If he has a slower big man guarding him, Harris is good at blowing by and getting to the rim. However, if you put a smaller, quicker defender on him, Harris can either shoot over the top or physically bully his way inside for a high-percentage hook shot or floater.