Three ways the Sixers can help Tobias Harris regain his form

Tobias Harris is struggling, and the 76ers need him to be better in order to win a championship. Here are three things the team can do to help Harris jumpstart his game.
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Creating open three-pointers in the pick-and-pop game

Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris
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This idea takes the opposite approach to what was previously mentioned. Three-pointers are some of the most efficient shots in basketball, and while they aren’t Harris’s preference, he has grown more comfortable taking and making them. Tyrese Maxey is a dynamic point guard who can use his speed and driving ability to create open looks for Harris. Running a two-man pick and pop game is a great way to get Harris wide open looks from deep. If he can convert these, it will boost his confidence and help him get into a rhythm. This will make him more effective in the other areas of his game. 

Harris isn't a bad outside shooter. He can make open looks at a good clip, and putting him in the two-man game with Maxey is a good way to get open looks for Harris without sacrificing the efficiency of the offense. This approach will get him shots within the flow of the team's offensive system, which will keep things flowing smoothly.

Utilizing the pick-and-pop game will also have the positive effect of not putting too much pressure on Harris. If he knows he is being fed the ball, he might press and just make matters worse. With this strategy, Harris won’t get the ball every time. If Maxey beats his defender, he’ll just drive into the paint for an easy look at the rim. Taking this approach may take longer to yield results but it is more natural, and that may be better for both Harris and the 76ers.