Three ways the Sixers can help Tobias Harris regain his form

Tobias Harris is struggling, and the 76ers need him to be better in order to win a championship. Here are three things the team can do to help Harris jumpstart his game.

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Free throws would boost his numbers, confidence and efficiency

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One area Harris is doing well in this year is drawing contact and getting to the line. He is going to the charity stripe 3.2 times per game and converting his free throws at an 89% rate. In both categories, he is flirting with career highs. While he should be commended for working on this part of his game, he can improve it even further. Getting to the line more would do wonders for his efficiency and give him more chances to see the ball go through the hoop, which will help boost his confidence. 

Harris is a strong, physical player who is at his best when he is aggressive. Not only will a physically assertive approach get Harris to the line more frequently, but it will also help him bump defenders off their spots and create space for easy jump shots. This is particularly true in the mid-range and the post, which is where Harris is most effective.

As much as Harris has a frustrating tendency to miss easy layups, he shouldn't be discouraged from attacking the rim. His strong frame lets him absorb contact and create space. This will help Harris get easy looks in the restricted area while also getting him to the line more. Five free throw attempts per game should be the goal for the veteran forward, but even getting this number up to four per game would improve his efficiency and perhaps boost his confidence.