Veteran 3-and-D wing could be a sleeper trade target for the 76ers

With the Philadelphia 76ers not expected to be lavish in the trade market this season, they should scour the market for under-the-radar players, such as this veteran wing.
Marcus Morris Sr., Cole Anthony
Marcus Morris Sr., Cole Anthony / Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned numerous times previously — and as corroborated by reports — the Philadelphia 76ers would prefer to lie low in the trade market and instead maintain flexibility ahead of this year’s free agency. This is a complete 180 from earlier perceptions of the front office becoming one of the mroe aggressive camps before the deadline.

However, while one can start ruling out the 76ers making a league-altering move, the front office should remain on the hunt for role players on the cheap who can help alleviate some of the team’s roster holes — a non-negotiable considering the team’s failure to shell out a clean bill of health atop the fact that the East has gotten a lot stronger this year.

The 76ers should trade for veteran 3-and-D wing Gary Harris

One player the 76ers should look to acquire via trade is Orlando Magic wing Gary Harris, who has seen his role decline this season for the upstart squad. He’s currently averaging his lowest minutes per game since his rookie year, and there simply isn’t a big role awaiting him any longer with Orlando riding their younger guys who have shown a lot of promise during their impressive start to the season.

With an expiring deal this season, Harris should be very gettable as long as the Magic are appropriately remunerated. Luckily, it shouldn’t take much to snag his services, as the veteran himself has seen his production dip while nursing an injury.

So, why would Philly even try to line up for his services amid a down year? Well, Harris should thrive with a change of scenery as he has a skill set that doesn’t rely solely on shooting splits to be efficient. His offense has significantly waned since his early days in Denver, but he has remained a tough cookie on defense, able to guard all perimeter positions.

Also, despite his drop-off as a scorer, Harris retains his utility as a good three-point shooter. While his shooting hasn’t been sharp this season, he shot 43.1 percent on good volume from downtown just last season, giving some good precedence when he eventually returns to the norm. Elsewhere, he has a very tidy disposition with the ball as he rarely coughs the ball up, sinks free throws at a high rate, and is adept at defending without fouling.

Hopefully, Gary Harris comes back quickly from his calf injury so the Philadelphia 76ers can bid for his services. By all accounts, his price tag should be economic, with the Orlando Magic potentially agreeing to salary matchers and a second-round pick.

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