Will Players Eventually Notice Sixers Support Cast?


Apr 15, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; General view of the exterior of the Wells Fargo Center as seen through a gate before a game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Miami Heat. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Will Players Eventually Notice Sixers Support Cast?

It’s all about the record. For now, anyways. The record that jumps out at you when you see that the Philadelphia 76ers have won a paltry 37 of their last 164 regular season games. Two years worth of seasons. Two years worth of rebuilding. Despite this, the team is still uncertain of their record this year. Even with the most optimistic projections, the third year of this rebuild will find the Sixers most likely not competing in NBA playoff basketball.

That’s a problem on many fronts.

The team is losing fans in the seats. Attendance is down, and we’ve talked about ways to encourage fans to return to the Wells Fargo Center. That’s one problem.

The second problem will be harder to repair. It’s the loss of reputation to NBA basketball talent. Players want to compete for championships. Unfortunately, the Philadelphia 76ers are about as far from that discussion as any professional sports team can be.

There’s always the money. Perhaps we could buy the interest from an NBA star?  But that commits cash resources towards a player who might not deliver, might not stay healthy, and might not like playing in Philadelphia if they cannot guarantee success. So that’s probably not an optimum choice.

So the team turns to an unrelated industry: Real Estate Development. How do new developments encourage new home buys to take a chance at a long term commitment to live THERE when they haven’t a clue who will move in next door? Simple. STATE OF THE ART!

Everyone wants to be in the biggest baddest and best. Does it matter what? Not really. So the Philadelphia 76ers have committed to being the state of the art NBA franchise. Then, when success comes, the players who do come onboard will be treated to the best that the NBA has to offer.

Physical training? They have a new $75 Million training facility in the pipeline. Nagging injury? They have the world’s premier expert on Sports Science and Medicine in Dr. David T. Martin. Want to improve your game? What if you had a basketball analyst who could tell you the odds of which shots you take, which you should take, and which you should pass off to a teammate? They are hiring a basketball analyst for just such an occasion. If you can think of it, it’s pretty much a given that it is either part of the organization or soon will be.

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What does Brett Brown think of all the innovation to the games, particularly when considering a sports science program? Well, Brown is the ideal coach for this team. He has a passion to develop young players into NBA caliber talent. It is something he has a knack for, particularly when you see consider players like K.J.McDaniels or Robert Covington.

"“Sports science and an assistant. It’s a double-edged powerful asset that we’re going to deliver to the market place soon. It’s all pointed to the health of our players, bottom line. Next year we’re going into a $75 million practice facility. I think we’re last in pro sports. We always said, ‘if we’re going to be last, we better be best.’ And best we will be. You’ve got to fill the chairs, fill the people in the offices who can mirror the values of the club. Wellness and sports science is number one with development of the players a close second. These hires will make a real statement confirming those goals.”"

This is all part of the master plan to bring everything online for the 2016 Season. And if we can find some success, and keep head coach Brett Brown with the team, it may all turn out like the greatest hustle the NBA has ever known. Of course, if it all comes together, it will benefit the NBA as well.

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