The Perfect All Time Sixers Jersey Collection

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4. Charles Barkley- Red 1978-91

Now we move onto the legends. Today, when the average fan thinks of Charles Barkley the first thing that comes to their minds might be something outrageous that Sir Charles said on television. Charles Barkley the television personality has overshadowed Charles Barkley the basketball player, which makes it feel like people sometimes forget just how good of a player Barkley was.

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In the first eight seasons of his career in Philadelphia, Barkley averaged 23.3 points, 11.6 rebounds, and 3.7 assists on his way to making six All-Star appearances. Barkley was a 6’6” power forward and he was a monster on the glass. By his sixteenth year NBA career, the Auburn product averaged double digit rebounds in all but one season. Furthermore, in the 1986-87 season, Barkley pulled down 14.6 boards a game.

Unfortunately, after his rookie season, Barkley’s Sixer teams failed to advance past the semifinals in the playoffs. Still, Barkley stands as one of the greatest Sixers of all time as his number 34 hangs from the rafters in South Philadelphia. He also sits as the Sixers all-time leader in offensive and defensive rebounds.

The best jersey from Barkley’s playing time in Philadelphia has to be the red one. This is a vintage, classic jersey that was worn by a number of great Sixer players and teams, including a championship one. I am a big fan of the red Sixers jerseys, so I was ecstatic to learn that the team was bringing them back as an alternate. The red jersey is a nice change of pace as an alternate jersey and will add some extra color to your Sixers jersey collection.

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