Christian Wood Brings Raw Talent To Sixers

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Feb 24, 2015; Logan, UT, USA; UNLV Rebels forward Christian Wood (5) takes the ball to the basket against the Utah State Aggies forward David Collette (13) in the first half at Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Wake up Call

But sometimes, the wake up call is loud and long.   Sometimes the kick in the pants gets us going before the light goes out completely.  Sometimes the realization of what might be fading away shakes a player of exceptional talent out of the fog and brings them to the point of knowing SOMETHING must change.  Sometimes the death of a dream meets a feral urge to rage at the coming nothing to the point that we turn fear and paralysis into work, into productive work.

It’s hard to tell just how Christian Wood’s story will turn out. But there are those who might have a better idea of guessing. Reggie Evans, center for the now Sacramento Kings and once a center for the 76ers, had these words of encouragement for Wood:

And the message seems to have been received loud and clear:

So now?  The work.  The work and the effort that must come to prepare a young athlete to compete with the leagues best.  It’s more than a hobby, a side business, a distraction.  To be the best, theirs must be a focus on being the best within.  Which team gives the tools for a player to be their best?

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