Philadelphia 76ers podcast: Darryl Reynolds on NBA season doubt, expectations

There’s a new cloud of doubt around the return of NBA basketball. A former Villanova star jumps on the pod to discuss that, plus other Philadelphia 76ers storylines.

Former Villanova star and 2016 champion Darryl Reynolds was kind enough to jump on this week’s episode of The Sixer Sense Podcast. A variety of topics were discussed, ranging from the NBA’s Orlando bubble to the Philadelphia 76ers’ newly chiseled stars.

The conversation starts with Kyrie Irving, who recently expressed concerns over the NBA’s plan to resume play. For reasons largely centered on the social justice movement in America, Irving is doubtful of the necessity of NBA basketball.

Reynolds, as well as co-hosts Christopher Kline and Lucas Johnson, talk about Irving, prioritizing message over messenger, and whether or not NBA basketball is important in the midst of nationwide protests. They also touch on the dangers posed by coronavirus, and whether or not the NBA’s reported “bubble” is truly safe.

After broad strokes about the NBA’s return, the focus shifts to the Sixers — and, more specifically, the Sixers’ two superstars. Both Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have put in work since the season was suspended. Embiid has worked out six days a week, while Simmons has trained under the tutelage of Dwyane Wade.

The trio discusses whether or not fans can trust Embiid’s dedication to fitness, and whether or not Simmons’ bulked-up build is all positive. Plus, the conversation touches on what exactly Simmons can learn from Wade, with a focus on the mental side of basketball.

Then comes Brett Brown and his increasingly dense coaching tree. Reynolds dishes on how much credit Brown deserves, while Kline and Johnson question how many asterisks can be assigned to Brown’s impressive track record of assistants moving up in rank.

To finish the episode, Reynolds discusses the excitement of Villanova’s 2016 championship win, his rehab progress, and his breadth of media ventures. He talks about his work as a Big East reporter, his new podcast, his aspirations in the film business, and whether or not a return to basketball is in his future.

We want to thank Darryl for taking the time to come on the podcast and talk Sixers basketball. This was his second appearance on the show, and we look forward to welcoming him on again in the future. You can follow Darryl on Twitter (@dreythedirector) and follow his media company @StayTunedNetwrk.

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