Philadelphia 76ers: Record prediction for resumed season in Orlando

Tobias Harris | Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Tobias Harris | Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Realistically, how well will the Philadelphia 76ers do in the most magical place on Earth?

With the NBA finally returning after its long hiatus, fans of the Philadelphia 76ers can finally watch their boys play again. In the team’s quest for their first championship since 1983, let’s take a look at the Sixers’ eight seeding games and come up with a realistic expectation for what their record should look like.

The 76ers have the second easiest schedule for the re-start, for which their first game is on August 1.  Being an extremely talented team, this should fare well for the boys in blue. When the day finally comes, we should be greeted with a very well rested and healthy Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. This should be very interesting and exciting to watch.

Enough rambling, let’s take a look at the schedule.

Game 1 — 76ers vs. Pacers (0-1)

Both the 76ers and Pacers sit at 39-26 on the standings. However, Philly is down in the season series 2-1. For this, we can give the Pacers a possible win here.

Game 2 — 76ers vs. Spurs (1-1)

The Spurs make the playoffs seemingly every year. With one of the greatest coaches of all time, you can never count them out. The Sixers defeated them 115-104 back in November. With Philly being an all around better team, we’ll give the 76ers the win.

Game 3 — 76ers vs. Wizards (2-1)

This one is simple. The Wizards are NOT a good team at all, in any sense of the word. They’re 24-40. This should be an easy win for Philadelphia.

Game 4 — 76ers vs. Magic (3-1)

Once again, the 76ers are simply a better team than their opponent here. With the Magic sitting at 30-35, we should expect Ben and crew to get the job done easily and swiftly.

Game 5 — 76ers vs. Trail Blazers (4-1)

Are we realizing the pattern yet? The 76ers have a very easy schedule for this resumed “season”. This is once again an easy win. Portland is a bad team at 29-37. We should expect a Philadelphia victory here.

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Game 6 — 76ers vs. Suns (5-1)

Without the intent of seeming biased, once again, not a good team. The Suns are not good. Phoenix is the worst team that the Sixers will have faced up to this point, with their record on the season being 26- 39. Definitely not a pretty one. This is a win for Joel and the boys. Looking to be a good stretch!

Game 7 — 76ers vs. Raptors (5-2)

Finally! A good team! This is not a game that I can see the 76ers coming away from victorious. The defending champions — who are still a VERY good basketball team at 46-18 — the Raptors will most likely defeat Philadelphia.

Game 8 — 76ers vs. Rockets (6-2)

This is a big test for Philly. A very talented team with stars such as James Harden and Russell Westbrook, I firmly believe Philadelphia can come away with a victory here and finish at 6-2. With a well rested and fully healthy team, this should be a nice ending to the eight-game regular season.

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If these predictions are correct, the Philadelphia 76ers will finish these eight games at a comfortable 6-2. After this, all we can do is hope for a championship appearance and victory.