Philadelphia 76ers: Game 2 is a must win against the Hawks

To write that the loss to the Atlanta Hawks in Game 1 was disappointing and surprising would be an understatement. The Philadelphia 76ers entered this series as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference and Joel Embiid dominated in the game where it wasn’t sure if he could play.

However, the Sixers can’t dwell on this loss, but of course, they have to make adjustments for Game 2. They have to make the proper changes to their strategies. If they don’t, and they lose Game 2, then the 76ers are in danger of losing this series, as Stephen A. Smith said on ESPN’s First Take.

The Philadelphia 76ers need to win Game 2.

Smith made a valid point and it can be heard in the video below. He says they can’t win the series if they lose Game 2 starting at the 1:37 mark of the clip.

Smith is correct in saying that Philly can’t win four out of five games against this Hawks team. Trae Young is a superstar and he’s going to push this Sixers. On top of that, the 76ers don’t have an answer for Atlanta’s star. Hopefully, they can find a way to slow him down, but it’s not crazy to think that there will be nights that he will get hot and win a game or two for the Hawks.

Atlanta’s role players aren’t scrubs either. John Collins and Bogdan Bogdanovic can score 20-plus points on any given night. Their bench is elite too as Lou Williams, Kevin Huerter, and Danilo Gallinari can go off for 15-plus points in any given game.

The Hawks are 2-0 at home during the playoffs and 25-11 during the regular season. If the 76ers lose Game 2, that means they are going to Atlanta down 0-2 which puts them in a not-so-favorable situation.

In short, the Philadelphia 76ers need to win Game 2. The Hawks have the talent and the home-court advantage to make it difficult to come back from 0-2.