Sixers podcast: Summer league play | Brett Brown resurfaces

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With baseball in full swing (pun intended), Philadelphia 76ers fans have some relevant basketball to talk about these days. We covered the NBA Draft not too long ago, but the NBA Summer League is refocusing our basketball minds, giving us that hoops fix we need. We also bring up an interview with a former Sixers coach and the intense partying several 76ers players experienced in the Hamptons over the weekend.

The Sixer Sense Podcast: Episode 201

Let’s start off with the NBA Summer League. We go right into the Sixers matchup versus the Memphis Grizzlies, where the Sixers lost their first game in Utah. We bring up those Sixers players who stood out for good reasons and discussed those who were disappointed.

Following that conversation, the Sixer Sense offers insight and draws conclusions about the interview of Brett Brown on the RTRS Podcast. We analyze some of the major points in the Brown interview, and we even address how an essential question was not asked of Brown related to Ben Simmons.

Our podcast then turns to one of the newest additions to the team, P.J. Tucker. We give our thoughts on his intangible contributions to a team and how crucial his championship experience and fiery personality will pay dividends on the Sixers. We even comment on Jimmy Butler’s comical response to Tucker on Instagram, trolling both Tucker and Joel Embiid.

The last topic we cover is one that saturated social media over the weekend. Because several Sixers players were spotted partying in the Hamptons, it became a huge deal as video footage showed them celebrating and bonding off the court. Our podcast also raises the issue as to why Tobias Harris did not attend the party. Could there be meaning behind his absence?

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