Sixers: 3 potential trades involving Furkan Korkmaz

Furkan Korkmaz, Sixers Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
Furkan Korkmaz, Sixers Mandatory Credit: Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports /
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Potential Sixers-Knicks Furkan Korkmaz trade

This does not solve the Sixers’ tax problem, but it could be viewed as a potential avenue toward improvement by Daryl Morey and the front office. Reddish is due $5.9 million this season before hitting restricted free agency in the summer. Tom Thibodeau and the Knicks have been notoriously unwilling to embrace Reddish in full, despite numerous flashes of talent.

Here, the Knicks get Korkmaz, who is mildly cheaper and who is under contract for an extra season (without the more expensive extension looming). They also get what essentially boils down to Charlotte’s second-round pick, which currently sits at No. 33. While New York initially wanted a first-round pick for Reddish, their asking price has recently dipped. And the 33rd pick is basically a late first-round value without the imposition of a guaranteed contract.

Reddish would provide the Sixers with an immediate defensive upgrade on the wing. Whereas Korkmaz has struggled to stay on the floor in postseasons past, Reddish can at least hold his own in that respect. The offense is more of a question mark, but Reddish entered the league as a top-10 pick for a reason. His flashes of shooting and ball skills, at 6-foot-8, is still tantalizing to this day. It’s worth noting that New York has essentially banished him from the rotation, but by that same token, it’s not always wise to trust Tom Thibodeau’s evaluation of young talent.

This would be a worthwhile flier for the Sixers, in my humble opinion. If nothing else, Reddish is a suitable change-of-pace option off the bench who (not unlike Korkmaz) is capable of the occasional explosive night.