4 Cheap free agent forwards the 76ers should have on their radar

The Philadelphia 76ers currently have no natural forwards on their roster. Here are four cheap free agent forwards they should have on their radar.
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Kyle Anderson
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Kyle Anderson / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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The Philadelphia 76ers have an eye-popping total of 11 players slated to become free agents this offseason, which is tied for most in the NBA. Given the front office’s indications, it’s unlikely that they will look into bringing the majority of them back for next season, leaving the club with a ton of openings they must fill this summer.

A brief look at the handful of players still on the roster will give you a vivid idea of what the 76ers completely lack: forwards. With Tobias Harris, Nicolas Batum, Kelly Oubre Jr., Robert Covington, and KJ Martin all being flight risks (with Batum the lone player likely to be invited back), the front office has to double down on signing forwards in free agency. Here are four cheap options they should have on their radar in the open market.

1. Kyle Anderson

Batum’s potential departure (due to possible retirement) won’t be felt from a statistical standpoint, but it would leave a significant hole for the 76ers on the areas of basketball IQ and intangibles. And what better option to replace him than a player who’s made a living in the NBA off of being a heady and versatile gizmo?

Kyle Anderson has been one of the better and steadier role players in the league since setting foot in 2014. Drafted as a jumbo-sized point guard, his tortoise-like foot speed has prevented him from assuming that role on a full-time basis, but he’s managed to thrive as a nifty forward who can take on different hats, almost like a Swiss Army knife.

Despite his complete lack of acuity with the notion of speed and a three-point shot that cannot be trusted, Anderson profiles as a near-perfect fit for the 76ers. After all, he’s a very capable connector who can take on a more salient playmaking load than Batum. In addition, his smart positional defense and clever exploiting of close-outs would be much-welcome additions to a Philadelphia squad lacking poise and composed options off the bench.