4 Stars on struggling teams the 76ers should monitor this offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers have been linked to big names, but these four stars currently on struggling teams are worth considering for the front office.
76ers, Lauri Markkanen
76ers, Lauri Markkanen / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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If you are a chronically online person, you can probably already surmise that the Philadelphia 76ers are due for a roster overhaul this offseason. After all, thanks to the team’s wide arsenal of assets and cap space, the franchise is guaranteed to get a much-needed face lift for next season and beyond.

Just recently, the 76ers were linked to both Jimmy Butler and Brandon Ingram aside from summer jackpot Paul George, who was been repeatedly floated as Philly’s dream acquisition. That being said, here are other big names currently wasted on struggling teams they could monitor as the offseason creeps in.

1. All-Star Lauri Markkanen would be a perfect fit for the 76ers

Another pipe dream target the 76ers should explore the possibility of snagging is All-Star forward Lauri Markkanen, who has been a revelation since last season. His situation is interesting in that the Jazz would most likely want to keep him long-term, but the reality is that Utah would be much better off capitalizing on his value and trying to truly rebuild from the ground up.

There were murmurs about Utah being warm to the idea of trading the All-Star, but their camp immediately silenced those rumors. However, should their front office do the most reasonable thing and start off from scratch, Philadelphia should immediately give out a generous offer for his services.

The quintessential modern NBA big man, Markkanen is capable of playing all three positions with his offensive versatility and mobility on defense. His skill set makes it so that he can still thrive in a lower-usage role, and his fit next to Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid profiles as a synergistic one. Better yet, he’s just approaching his prime.