4 Stars on struggling teams the 76ers should monitor this offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers have been linked to big names, but these four stars currently on struggling teams are worth considering for the front office.
76ers, Lauri Markkanen
76ers, Lauri Markkanen / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages
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4. Brandon Ingram could be Paul George-lite for the 76ers

Already rumored to be the 76ers’ backup plan in case their Paul George pursuit goes down the drain, the Pelican’s All-Star forward is actually a realistic option for Philly this offseason. After all, another early playoff exit could finally force New Orleans to shake things up not only at the margins, but even at the nucleus.

Having Trey Murphy and Herb Jones makes trading Ingram a lot more viable for the Pelicans, especially if it can help them get the cap space they need to better complement Zion Williamson and co. and finally get a breakthrough next season.

A PG-lite in some way, Ingram is one of the better all-around players in the NBA. He’s a deadly midrange shooter who can carry the offense, function as a release valve, and capably defend multiple positions when engaged. Even better, his age gives the 76ers a lot more leeway to build for the foreseeable future.

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