6 Role players 76ers could target to complement Joel Embiid

These are several players Philly could try to pair Embiid with next season.

Kelly Oubre, Kris Dunn, Philadelphia 76ers
Kelly Oubre, Kris Dunn, Philadelphia 76ers / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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The championship window for the Philadelphia 76ers will remain open as long as Joel Embiid continues to suit up for the franchise. However, with his frequently-questionable health, there is reason for concern as to what the future looks like in Philly.

On his way to what looked like a second consecutive MVP season, Embiid has now been disqualified for the award after missing extended time with a knee injury. Even worse is the fact that the 76ers' season now hangs in the balance.

Regardless of the outcome of the current season, the Sixers should be looking to put more quality role players around Joel this coming summer. These are some of the top targets they should have in their sights.

Point guards

Kris Dunn

Everyone around the NBA landscape is aware of how talented Tyrese Maxey is at this point. The 76ers clearly have their answer at point guard for the next decade, but where they are still lacking is in the backup ball handler department. When Maxey is off the floor, the offense has sometimes been inconsistent without a proper conductor.

The Sixers could address that need by looking at a point guard like Kris Dunn this summer. Known primarily as a defensive player, Dunn has steadily improved his game over years of playing in this league. Whereas he used to defend at a high level while shooting inefficiently, Kris has now refined his shooting touch and is a threat to score the ball as well.

Dennis Smith Jr.

Another option Philadelphia should be looking at is Brooklyn Nets guard Dennis Smith Jr. The quick defender came into the league as a high-flying athlete, with a reputation for dazzling dunks despite his smaller stature at 6-foot-2. Over time, he has built himself out into a reliable defender that relies less on pure athleticism than before.

Smith has never been a knockdown shooter from outside and he is frankly not the most efficient scorer overall. But he has shown to be a valuable role player in the right situation, and he could fit in perfectly with the 76ers.