4 stars the 76ers should have on their 2023 Christmas wish list

In full Yuletide spirit, here are four stars the Philadelphia 76ers should have on their 2023 Christmas wish list.
Paul George, Joel Embiid
Paul George, Joel Embiid / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Just like that, Christmas is right around the corner. For the Philadelphia 76ers, that means being a participant in the Yuletide season as they are slated for another headliner game in the holiday festivities against the Miami Heat on the road.

But before we get there, what do the 76ers have on their 2023 Christmas wish list? With the front office gearing up for big things beyond this year and trade season having just began, here are four stars the franchise should wish for as they hang their stocking on the door.

4 stars the 76ers should have on their 2023 Christmas wish list

1. Paul George — SF/SG (LA Clippers)

No matter what the 76ers achieve this season, it seems almost like a foregone conclusion that the team’s forward position will be getting a massive facelift next year with Tobias Harris, Nicolas Batum, Marcus Morris Sr., Robert Covington, and even KJ Martin entering free agency. This leaves the franchise with a burgeoning hole to fill in the upcoming summer spree.

After collecting a deep crest of assets in the Harden trade, the 76ers are expected to consolidate in free agency and be ultra-aggressive. One of the biggest names they can zero in on is Clippers star Paul George, who is widely expected to decline his player option and cash in as one of the premiere free agents in the market.

Should the Clippers disappoint yet again with their star-studded lineup, George staying in LA will not be a surefire thing. In that case, Philadelphia can make a bold pitch for the perennial All-Star as a landing spot. His renowned ability as someone who can bend defenses and break offenses on the other end fits perfectly next to Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey, and while the financial gymnastic required could limit their flexibility, George is simply worth breaking the bank for.