3 Overseas stars the Philadelphia 76ers should target for next season

The Philadelphia 76ers are going to be active in the offseason market, but they also have to be creative and looking for overseas talent could be a viable path.
Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
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The Philadelphia 76ers are going to have plenty of room to make moves this summer in hope to build a contending team around Joel Embiid. The need for a third superstar alongside the former MVP and All-Star Tyrese Maxey is the priority, but the 76ers will have to fill the rest of the roster with players that can help them.

Philly will likely spend most of its cap space in resigning Tyrese Maxey and working on a deal with a free agent that can serve the team as a third-string superstar. Paul George will be the best name available, while others like DeMar DeRozan or Klay Thompson might be in the mix. In any case, Daryl Morey is known for his ability to bring players that can move the needle.

That said, the Sixers might need to check the international market. Several players including former NBA veterans are pursuing careers in Europe, while others can be looking for a way to prove themselves in the league after having an illustrious career overseas. In any case, the 76ers might want to check on some stars that are ready to return.

Let's not forget that the last six MVP awards have been won by non-American players, while four of the current biggest stars in the NBA are coming from outside the United States. In any case, there are players that can fill a role without extracting a huge chunk of Philadelphia's cap space this offseason.