Philadelphia 76ers: 4 bad contracts worth trading for this offseason

The Philadelphia 76ers have a ton to look forward to in the offseason, but in case they miss out on their targets, here are four “bad” contracts worth trading for.
76ers, Zach LaVine, Joel Embiid
76ers, Zach LaVine, Joel Embiid / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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The entire Philadelphia 76ers circle have every right to be in a celebratory mood right now. After all, the team did manage to squeak out a tight win last night over the Miami Heat, and that’s not all. Not only did the squad catapult themselves into the playoffs, but they also carved out a more forgiving path to a potential Eastern Conference Finals appearance.

Having said that, the fanbase has another reason to extend their feeling of anticipation. After all, the front office has already set lofty goals this offseason as they aim to leverage their cap space to its full potential. However, should they miss out on their big targets, here are four “bad” contracts they can try trading for this offseason.

Philadelphia 76ers: 4 bad contracts worth trading for this offseason

1. Zach LaVine

In light of his season-ending surgery and a declined play in this campaign, pegging Zach LaVine’s contract as a bad one has merit. At the very least, the Chicago Bulls will be keen on moving on from him on the heels of an impending and much-needed rebuild, alongside Coby White’s emergence as a potential Robin to a still-unnamed Batman.

LaVine is still signed for at least two more years, which makes him moderately attractive for a team aiming to ameliorate its title bid. Philadelphia, clearly a franchise hellbent on winning the championship as soon as possible, should consider trading for LaVine for a cheaper cost as a sleek play in case all their whiteboard priorities don’t pan out.

The two-time All-Star’s numbers this season have regressed, but banking on him to regain his efficient, high-scoring form from recent seasons is not mere vain hope. The 76ers have the perfect spot for him on their pecking order, which clearly needs a self-sufficient third fiddle who can take over when needed and seamlessly fit in lower-usage instances. LaVine’s three-level scoring and sharpshooting next to Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey should be a match made in heaven.