4 Free agency mistakes the Philadelphia 76ers must avoid making

The Philadelphia 76ers will definitely have an eventful free agency, but they must avoid making these four mistakes.
76ers, Daryl Morey
76ers, Daryl Morey / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Almost no other team is pegged to have a more eventful offseason than the Philadelphia 76ers. Armed with the biggest spending power among all but one franchise, that the front office has been linked to the big names in the market left and right is a testament to their wide range of options, especially in free agency.

With the 2024 NBA Finals now having a much-deserved victor in the Celtics, all teams can now look forward to the many offerings in free agency. And thanks to new CBA rules, negotiations can now commence, signaling the unofficial start to this year’s free agency.

The Philadelphia 76ers must move with both conviction and caution in free agency

Daryl Morey will undoubtedly commit to being the aggressor in the open market, something that won’t surprise anyone who knows his M.O. as a longtime executive. To be fair to him, the 76ers do have a lot of weaponry to wager this summer, a rare luxury for a win-now franchise to have at this juncture.

Having said that, things can always go awry despite money being king in free agency. As a result, Philadelphia must move with conviction and caution when it comes to dealing with players in the open market. Here are four free agency mistakes the 76ers must avoid making.