4 Free agents on losing teams who should sign with the 76ers this summer

These four players currently on bad teams should look into joining the Philadelphia 76ers in the offseason.

76ers, Tyus Jones, Paul Reed
76ers, Tyus Jones, Paul Reed / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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4 Players on losing teams who should sign with the 76ers this summer

2. Andre Drummond — C (Chicago)

Another trade candidate the 76ers regrettably missed out on, veteran big man Andre Drummond will face no shortage of suitors this summer unlike in recent years. He’s been a monstrous numbers-wise relative to his limited court time, and his niche as a tide-shifting force on the boards has been revived amid the upswing in talented centers in the league.

The former All-Star is a near-guarantee to leave Chicago, but he will undoubtedly prioritize a team that can promise him a consistent role. Philadelphia, with its dearth of proven big men outside of Joel Embiid, makes the most sense for him in this regard. Even better, he already has a scent of familiarity with the franchise, having played for the 76ers in 2021-22.

Embiid’s health question marks should catapult the 76ers into re-thinking their strategy around managing the MVP’s load. Drummond is someone that can allow them to do some more streamlining in this regard, as he has also shown that he can be a spot starter and still remain effective as a play finisher and board crasher.