Grade the Trade: 76ers use cap space to steal lethal wing scorer

The Philadelphia 76ers trade for this lethal wing scorer as they leverage their cap space. What grade do we give this proposed deal?
76ers, Nick Nurse
76ers, Nick Nurse / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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By this time, odds are you’ve seen countless of trade proposals floating around the internet thanks to big media outlets who can’t wait to get the summer action unpacked. And one of the most familiar faces etched in the interface of these hypotheticals is the Philadelphia 76ers, the franchise expected to be the league leaders in transactions made this coming offseason.

Only the Detroit Pistons are projected to have an airier pocket than the 76ers, and no other team in contention even rivals them in their spending power. Thus, that massive cap space should — and hopefully, would — be an avenue to maximize if you’re Philly’s front office. Luckily, all signs point to their brass doing exactly that.

The 76ers will surely leverage their cap space to pull off a sneaky trade

There are a lot of teams, particularly those stuck in the middle and hard-capped, who would prefer to recalibrate this offseason, perhaps by shaving off a chunk of their payroll to afford themselves some wiggle room to actually make moves. While there are not a lot of realistically obtainable stars in the market, the upcoming pool of free agents isn’t particularly scrawny when it comes to quality rotation pieces.

Philadelphia has all the tools to actually pull off a sneaky trade or two this summer. The kind of teams abovementioned could be lured into trimming the fat financially, and even quality starter-level players could be available under the condition that they are rewarded without a hefty salary in return. Here is a trade proposal that exactly follows those lines.