Grade the Trade: 76ers acquire Kyle Kuzma in this bargain proposal

Kyle Kuzma, Joel Embiid
Kyle Kuzma, Joel Embiid / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Why the 76ers should avoid trading for Kyle Kuzma

Not to discredit him, but Kyle Kuzma’s impressive play as a member of the Washington Wizards has largely been effect of the Wizards giving him the carte blance to the same degree as a superstar’s. Put simply, his numbers are inflated, and his struggles fitting in with the Lakers when LeBron James and Anthony Davis does not inspire confidence when the 76ers already have a similar dynamic in their pecking order.

However, the biggest turn-off about trading for Kuzma is actually not a basketball reason. Philadelphia’s pompous plans in free agency is one of the league’s worst-kep secret, and Kuzma’s contract is simply an impediment toward that cause. There’s a reason why the 76ers have only been truly linked to players on expiring deals.

Personally, Kuzma’s contract is perfectly appraised commensurate to his prowess and the league’s increasing cap space, but the 76ers simply cannot afford to shoot themselves in the foot by wasting a rare chance at a legitimate free agency bonanza where they have full control of their destiny.

Alas, the thought of trading for Kuzma as that third star seems like a defeatist idea. In reality, he does not add much compared to what the 76ers already have in store as a collective. Giving up an unprotected first-rounder also signals a long-term commitment to him, which is not ideal cap-wise considering the litany of standouts that will be available via trade or through free agency.

Ultimately, while this trade proposal is a relative bargain at surface level, the Philadelphia 76ers simply cannot afford to make a marginal upgrade with Kyle Kuzma while greatly affecting their financial flexibility.

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