Ex-NBA All-Star goes ballistic on 76ers vet after horrible playoff stint

A former NBA All-Star didn’t mince words with this 76ers forward following his horrible playoff stint this season.
76ers, Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris
76ers, Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris / Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia 76ers went through a deflating finish to their postseason run for what’s seemingly the nth time, but this time around, the franchise’s prospects actually look good. After all, the front office has a wide amplitude of options this offseason to hopefully give the team a much better material to work with next season.

But of course, sports discourse can often be backwards-thinking, and with the 76ers actually having a favoravle path to the playoffs this season had they advanced, a lot of people are looking at their failure to get past the first-round as a missed opportunity. Still, one particular player simply failed to muster anything of value during the players, and one former star didn;t mince words about his horrible playoff performance.

Gilbert Arenas blasts 76ers forward Tobias Harris after horrible playoff performance

Gilbert Arenas, now of the ever-growing podcast world, recently talked about the 76ers’ latest shortcomings during the postseason, and he absolutely wasn’t having it with Tobias Harris, who turned in quite the embarrassing disappearing act in what could be his final game in Philadelphia.

"To be honest with Tobias, I can't even tell if he had a bad game or not! Yeah, I see zero, but you only took two shots... You just didn't do nothin'!"

Harris certainly impressed none in his final game for the 76ers where he laid a giant egg against the Knicks, putting the nail on the coffin on the possibility of him staying in Philly, perhaps event at a discounted rate.

It’s probably a pretty safe bet right now to count on the 76ers to pass up on the veteran forward. While he’s sometimes gotten too much backlash than what he deserved, he simply failed to show up on the times where he’s needed the most. Frankly speaking, the team has little to no need for his services in the following years.

Hopefully, the front office can seek much better options than Harris this summer and avoid the slim chance of having to re-engage the veteran’s camp for a potential loyalty deal. No offense, but he — and the franchise — don’t deserve it.

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