Kyle Lowry is doing more for the Sixers than you thought he would

Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics
Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

While it still may be a little strange to see Kyle Lowry suit up for the Sixers, you can’t deny he has been a great addition to the team. Yes, we are making this case off of just 5 games played. The soon-to-be 38-year-old Philadelphia native is in his 18th NBA season and getting his first chance to play for his hometown team. 

In his brief time with the Sixers thus far, Lowry has proven to be more than just a veteran locker-room presence. Lowry still can play basketball at a high level and help his team compete for wins. In addition to his veteran leadership, here are three things that Kyle Lowry is providing for the Sixers.

1. The “It” Factor

Throughout his journey as an NBA player, Kyle Lowry has always found a way to be successful. Even in the early stages of his career Kyle Lowry wasn’t the fastest point guard, the best passer, the best defender, or even the best shooter (36.8% percent from 3-point territory for his career). It really is difficult to pinpoint an exact category or statistic that has allowed Lowry to have an 18-year (and counting) NBA career. Lowry plays hard, plays smart, and has always been consistently good (not great) at what he does best. Lowry has the “it” factor, he makes winning plays and is ultra-competitive. 

While it may be due to the injuries that the Sixers have been dealing with as a team, Lowry has logged 36 minutes and 33 minutes in the Sixers’ last two games and has looked good doing so. Not many fans expected Lowry to be logging that many and still be able to produce at a high level. 

2. A True Point Guard 

Kyle Lowry is a true point guard. He already has a 10-assist game with the Sixers. Through 5 games he has dished out 29 assists for an average of nearly 6 assists per game. Additionally, through that stretch, he has just 6 turnovers. 

The 76ers need stability now more than ever in the absence of Joel Embiid. Kyle Lowry provides that. He can impact the game in many ways on the offensive end of the floor. He’s crafty, smart, and has a little more quickness left in the tank than people give him credit for. When you watch Lowry play with this team you feel that he has played with the same group of guys for years. It has only been 5 games but Lowry appears to be very comfortable in his role with this team. 

3. Defense 

Kyle Lowry has always been a good defender. While he has certainly lost a step defensively, his craftiness helps to make up for it. Whether he plays 10 minutes or 30+ minutes, Lowry continues to make winning plays defensively. Lowry knows how to leave an impact on the game, even if his shot is not falling. 

Against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday afternoon, Lowry shot just 1 of 9 from the field. Yet even in a game in which he struggled to shoot the ball, Lowry made several key plays on defense, some that will show up in the stat sheet and others that won’t. Kyle Lowry has spent the last decade playing for other Eastern Conference teams. Sixers fans have gotten used to watching him pester opposing players with his defensive playmaking. Now, the almost 38-year-old Lowry is pestering opposing teams, while playing for the Sixers. It is a breath of fresh air to have a guy like that on your team now. 

Kyle Lowry’s previous 2 games

vs Charlotte : 15 points | 10 assists | 6 rebounds | 3-6 3PT | 36 minutes 

@ Dallas : 8 points | 7 assists | 4 rebounds | 1-9 FG | 1 block | 1 steal | 0 turnovers | 33 minutes

Kyle Lowry has started in each of the last two games for the Sixers. He has found a way to leave an impact on the game and help the struggling Sixers pick up two wins.