NBA Rumors: Key veteran could spurn the 76ers in free agency

Despite mutual interest on another pact, rumors indicate that this key veteran could spurn the Philadelphia 76ers in free agency.
76ers, Nick Nurse
76ers, Nick Nurse / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA Finals slated to start in just a week, most teams out of contention are most likely already revving up for their own battle this offseason. For the Philadelphia 76ers, that means oiling up their engine to function with no hiccups in free agency, the draft process, and in the trade market.

Focusing on free agency though, while the 76ers have only been rumored to be eyeing the big names projected to be available in some form this summer, the front office cannot overlook the fact that the roster is currently depleted, and they will have to go to extra lengths to build a competitive and balanced roster for next season.

However, it seems like one free agent whom Philly would probably prefer to keep could spurn them in the open market.

76ers guard Kyle Lowry could head elsewhere in free agency

Kyle Lowry, who landed in Philadelphia late this season, played relatively well in his short stint with the team, playing a key role off the bench and in the opening group as a low-usage connector who can dish out assists and spot-up for threes. While declining at 38, he still showed that he can function as an effective stabilizer in spurts.

One can surmise that the 76ers would prefer to keep him, especially since they know he would come cheap — a big factor given their ambitious free agency plans that would result in them having to settle for minimum signings eventually. Unfortunately, it appears that they aren’t the lone suitor for the former All-Star.

According to Marc Stein, the LA Clippers are currently on the lookout for veteran guards, with Chris Paul topping the list and Lowry being floated as another possible option amid the uncertainty surrounding Russell Westbrook and James Harden’s future in Hollywood.

At this juncture, though, it’s hard to imagine Lowry being more allured by the prospect of playing in LA rather than staying in Philadelphia and continuing to play under Nick Nurse, his former coach with whom he won a championship with.

Nevertheless, money is king in the open market. Should the 76ers come out with a minimum deal and the Clippers overpay, Lowry could definitely become enthused about rejoining the Western Conference.

With so many roster spots to fill, one can hope that the Philadelphia 76ers can secure Kyle Lowry for at least another season before he calls it quits. After all, he still has something left in the tank, and his presence is a huge boost to a locker room that can become shaky at the worst times.

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