NBA Rumors: Shocking twist could gift the 76ers an All-Star for free

According to this shocking rumor, the Philadelphia 76ers could have the chance of getting an All-Star player for cheap.
76ers, Joel Embiid
76ers, Joel Embiid / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from trips to the charity stripe, there’s no such thing as a freebie in the NBA. The league traverses in a transactional plane, one team giving up another to get their hands on someting. That still holds true even if you have one of the better dealing front offices out there just like the Philadelphia 76ers do.

The 76ers will be on top of the food chain this offseason, meaning they will get to choose their snacks, be it in free agency or in the trade market. Naturally, they will have to pay a price to secure any player they want on the fold, but there’s a certain All-Star player who could be available for them for virtually nothing.

Latest rumor has the 76ers in optimal position to trade for Zach LaVine

One player in particular who has been a recurring name in the rumor mill for almost more than a year now is Bulls guard Zach LaVine. Previously noted as one of Philadelphia’s desired players to be the third fiddle on the team, the two-time All-Star is a near-guarantee to find himself donning a new colorway next season.

But apparently, LaVine’s price tag won’t come with the normally hefty billing for a player of his stature. According to KC Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago, the Bulls’ asking price for LaVine has dropped significantly, with teams now under the belief that their front office would be amenable to a salary-dump move. He is still owed $138 million for the next three seasons.

Chicago reportedly tried moving LaVine during the trade deadline — a bold proposition give his earlier decision to undergo season-ending surgery — but to no avail as expected. The Bulls erected a high entry barrier to move them into discussions for the All-Star, and it’s unlikely that there would be a stout market for LaVine’s services.

The 76ers are obviously shooting for an even bigger name this summer, but LaVine at least presents himself as a viable option for them if their initial plans go awry. It must also be noted that LaVine had Philadelphia on his short list of preferred trade destinations.

While there are valid concerns about his defense and now, durability, LaVine remains one of the most efficient, high-volume scorers in the NBA, capable of singlehandedly breaking down defenses on all three levels. However, his fit is a question mark, and his contract may not come off as a warm prospect for teams looking to land a bigger fish in the foreseeable future, like the 76ers.

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