Rumored 76ers trade target is the perfect role player the team needs

Joel Embiid
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Less than two weeks from now, players who signed with their respective clubs as free agents will be eligible to be traded, marking the official start to the trade season. And once again, fans and pundits alike are expecting the Philadelphia 76ers to be key players in what could be an eventful lead-up to the trade deadline.

Over the last few weeks — or really, since the James Harden trade — the 76ers have been linked to various names. From All-Stars needing relief from their current teams to those on expiring deals, there’s been no shortage of potential targets that the front office can zoom in on. Alas, bet your money on that list continuing to get longer in the next month or so.

The 76ers are rumored to be eyeing a trade for this veteran forward, who is a perfect fit with team

Aside from the big names, Philadelphia is also seemingly in the market for high-end role players. One of those is Nets forward Dorian Finney-Smith, who’s been reported to have become a popular name among expected buyers before the deadline.

Finney-Smith has emerged as a reliable starter for Brooklyn, posting a strong season so far with 11 points and 5.5 rebounds per outing on 45.4 percent shooting from deep, also on good volume. Given his three-point shooting and handy defensive skills, it’s easy to see why a lot of teams are expected to line up for his services.

The 76ers almost have an embarrassment of riches in the forward position, so why would they even need Finney-Smith? Well, that very surplus needs streamlining. And the front office has the tools to consolidate their less valuable assets to realistically make a play for a role player like the veteran.

One of the most consistent defenders in the league for quite some time now, Finney-Smith offers resistance on the perimeter and in the paint as a savvy help stopper. Factor in his volume three-point shooting, and you’ve got for yourself a malleable rotation piece who can be a spot starter when needed or capably serve as a primary backup to both Tobias Harris and Nicolas Batum. In addition, he could also play as small-ball center in spurts and give Nick Nurse a catalyst to potential five-out configurations.

The only impediment in this scenario is how much will Brooklyn demand in return. Finney-Smith is signed through 2026 on a great contract, giving them the gravitas to perhaps set a price tag that is higher than the veteran would normally command in the market.

Still, the 76ers have a bunch of expiring contracts and some future-oriented assets that they can throw at Brooklyn in exchange for Finney-Smith. Hopefully, his price tag does not become too steep to justify making a run for.

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