What If The Sixers Were Avengers?

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Apr 8, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Washington Wizards guard

Bradley Beal

(3) falls with the ball after getting tangled up with Philadelphia 76ers forward

Jerami Grant

(39) during the second quarter at Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jerami Grant is The FALCON

Well you knew this had to be Jerami Grant’s slot, but why the Falcon?

The Falcon fits him because Jerami Grant doesn’t have any one “power” or skill that places him atop a category. Rather it is his blend of skills, courage, and shot taking improvement that keeps him in the mix on this developing roster.

Jerami Grant, much like the Falcon, made a series of cameo appearances with the Sixers last season, and we were there to follow the action. While he has not achieved a status of fan favorite, he has certainly earned some raised eye brows from the writing staff as we have continued to monitor his play.

In the Marvel universe, the Falcon  is Sam Wilson, a US military veteran who is the last member of a special ops group who employed personal military winged jet pack.  Not super formula, gamma irradiated, or even an exceptionally good aim, Falcon uses his aerial acrobatics to keep his opponent off balance.  Falcon is not perfect, losing his flying in “The Winter Soldier” after Bucky Barnes rips one of his wings off.  He is defeated by Antman as well in his opening film.

But Wilson has a myopic memory. Defeated once, he comes back into the fracas even more determined.

So too has Jerami Grant used setbacks to find renewed determination.  He can block shots.  He can score.  He can feed the ball to the open man.  Now all he needs to do is improve his game.

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